Is mac better than pc for video and image editing

Which Mac is best for video editing?
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It all depends on the following considerations. For all of us except the very rich, there is an upper limit to how much we can spend on photographic equipment. Professionals especially, because even business expenses cannot go unbridled. Pound for pound, inch for inch, Macs cost more than PCs for comparably equipped machines. The impact of this fact can be dismissed via rationalization, e. End of story. Well, not quite. While most Win-only photo-related software products run smoothly on a Mac under Parallels, Boot Camp or a similar utility Corel PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate comes to mind as an example , in some instances certain features are not fully implemented.

But in the final analysis, Macs win this round, even with one mouse tied behind their back. Running on identically equipped machines, does the Mac version of an application outperform the Windows version, or is it the other way around? Or are they essentially the same? To find out I asked someone who knows about these things. Daemion Nelson is the IT Director for a large consumer electronics manufacturer.

He gives Macs the edge.

Makes sense to me. To speculate, that could also be one reason why Macs seem more stable than PCs. Macs crash about as often as the rules of chess change.

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When a computer freezes or otherwise stops working before we do, we lose time and sometimes data. Instability undermines efficient workflow and can even mean lost revenue for a photo pro. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard an Apple user ebulliently exclaim how easy it was to set up their Mac, connect to a network or transparently find a printer driver.

Macs are notoriously easy to configure—without sacrificing options. We can debate the argument about their immunity another time; for now, accept my warning that Macs can get viruses and take proper precautions. Perhaps this is of little or no importance to most photographers, you can DIY a PC from readily available components and create an awesome photo editing machine.

Save money and install only the best parts and accessories. Rolling your own is fun and simpler than most realize. But you cannot build a Mac, or any sort of clone capable of running Mac software. Conventional wisdom might give Macs the edge when it comes to mobile compatibility, but for photographers, PCs are just as competent. Either platform can access the Cloud to store or share images, contracts and other files. Apple has always been at the forefront of connectivity solutions. Whatever the reason, I think this is one you really need to consider carefully.

Desktops are quite simply better for editing photos.

2018 i9 Macbook Pro vs Dell XPS 9570 - VIDEO EDITING Comparison! Resolve, Premiere, FCX

Yes, that is a blanket across the board statement. Mac or PC, a desktop will run your editing software better than a laptop for less money. MacBooks are very capable of running editing software if you make sure they have some essential upgrades see the Mac Recommendations section below. In fact, I think MacBooks are better suited than nearly anything from the PC world in the way of laptops. But going back to the cutthroat market of PCs I will bring up again how the vendors cut every corner they possibly can.

I have owned numerous PC laptops over the years and haven't been truly happy with any of them — especially for photo editing. As good as a MacBook can be, I still recommend a desktop. Laptop screens are mostly terrible. The MacBook retina screens are beautiful, but tiny.

Desktops also tend to last longer because heat is an enemy to computers and laptops are in such small packages their heat battle is going to be lost faster. Think through this one very carefully. If you REALLY need mobility then you have no choice and should use a laptop, but I suspect that for many who claim this to be a requirement their laptop actually rarely leaves their desk and they would have been better off with a desktop.

When I was faced this dilemma I knew both the Mac and the PC pretty well, so my own choice actually came down to cost. I knew how to build and maintain a PC very well, and could get a lot more hardware for the dollars by doing that. I decided that for me it was better to minimize my investment on computer hardware, end up with a PC better suited for photo editing, and save the rest of the budget for other photography gear. So I did quite a lot of research and was able to do some testing to see specifically what makes a difference.

The Best Alternatives to Apple's Mac and MacBook

Unfortunately there are too many PC manufacturers for me to recommend a specific model. I don't think in the PC world there is actually all that much difference between them. Some PC makers do better at customer support than others, although even that seems to change depending on who you ask. I will say that I doubt any of the PCs you find in a box at the store are going to meet your needs. Go online and customize your order based on the recommendations below. Remember, this is very photography focused and is not a recommendation for a gaming or video editing PC that would start off with maxing out the CPU and have some other differences.

If you are interested in building your own PC there are plenty of DIY build recommendations and instructions out there to make this very possible. It sounds really intimidating at first because hardware has such confusing names and not everything can fit together. The Mac mini is the entry level machine from Apple really designed for people switching from a PC. It is a tiny little desktop computer that packs quite a lot of punch into a small space, and will run Photoshop and Lightroom very well.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12222

If after reading this article you think you might like trying a switch from a PC, this would be a really good way to try it out and see how you like the world of Mac. The entry level laptop from Apple is very nice as far as a laptop goes. It gives you probably the ultimate in portability, but you will honestly get more power out of the Mac mini for less money. PC manufacturers are catching up some of them shown at CES looked pretty nice but the MacBook Pro is arguably the best laptop money can buy and is awesome for photo editing.

I would also recommend that with either of the MacBook models you should also get a monitor to use with them when you are in your office.

The best video editing software: Paid-for

Editing photos on those tiny screens, nice as they are and they are incredible , is not great. Apple just revamped the iMac in late , making it one of the most desirable desktop computers for photo editing due to the 5k display. Could you save some dollars and consider the previous model iMac? You will still get a very good display with it, just not 5k. And the iMac has been a good machine very capable of doing photo editing for quite some time.

In fact, at this point I think it is a fair statement across all these Mac models to say that a previous generation model will work pretty well — just look for the RAM. Now we enter the world of insanity for many. It is something more for a power video editor. Of course you could edit photos on it without the machine breaking a sweat, but it is overkill in my opinion and you are much better served to spend the cash on lenses. I think it makes a lot of sense for a photographer to stick with what they know. At some point it may make sense to go to Mac from PC, especially if you are a professional photographer, but it is really a matter of personal preference and neither has a big advantage over the other.

Any additional insight would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you-Claudine.

5 reasons to choose a PC over a Mac for photo and video editing - DIY Photography

Hi Darlene, I am glad we could help so far. By the way, the is a great card. John, not an easy one to answer! These are both great computers.

Photo Editing: Mac vs. PC

And might I add, I envy you big time! Both these mammoth computers have their particular strengths. The big question you need to answer for yourself; which OS you prefer? Which system comes more natural for you? A bit of advice from me though; no matter which system you choose, get a second screen. For photography, I know that 5K screens are an overkill, especially since it makes your images seems way better than they actually are. I would go for dual 4K screens. Shawn, I forgot to ask you a question about the graphics card; when you say that we need a GB dedicated VRAM, does that mean that the computer will have two graphic cards?