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Snow Leopard presents you with the familiar Add dialog, and you can choose the application that needs access. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Which free alternatives to Little Snitch can I use to block internet traffic per applications? Ask Question.

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Asked 6 years, 2 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed k times. Little Snitch is completely worth the price.

Little Snitch Alternatives and Similar Software -

Buy it. You will thank me. TCPBlock TCPBlock is a lightweight and fast application firewall … you can prevent selected applications on your computer from opening connections to the network. Can you really block apps from IceFloor? I'm using IceFloor v2. Can you explain your answer a bit more on how to block a specific application from accessing internet?

Andrew 4 4 bronze badges. Welcome to Ask Different! Radio Silence appears not to be free. Also try linking people to what you are talking about This is cheaper than little snitch so since there does in fact not seem to be a free alternative I think it is a a quite good attempt at the solution!

This looks like a very good alternative to the quite expensive Little Snitch, thanks for sharing! Pierz Pierz 1, 11 11 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Host Database localhost is used to configure the loopback interface when the system is booting. Do not change this entry. Jonathan Komar Jonathan Komar 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges.

I think you can through the firewall as stated in this article : Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock. Click the Security icon. Click the Firewall tab. Click the Start button to turn on your firewall. Click the Advanced button. It seems to me Firewall only blocks incoming traffic to an app but not outgoing traffic from an app.

Yes, the default firewall in OS X as edited in this way only blocks incoming traffic. It does not block outgoing connections from apps on your computer. Featured on Meta. Readings can be stored and exported. In addition, artificial software sensors monitoring macOS can be defined, and external LCD units can be controlled. The application also allows you to explore other technical data of your computer, like exact processor type, logicboard data, battery, display, and drive information, or manufacturing details.

Trying to create a mosaic out of some photos of flowers? Image Tricks is a free picture editor for Mac that uses Core Image filters to liven up and transform your photo collection. Also digitally frame and apply image masks to your favorite pictures and share them with family and friends.

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In a word, Image Tricks is an easy-to-use toolkit for making photos you take everyday more wonderful! When you have some lengthy task for your computer to do, it's annoying to have to turn off your screensaver and turn off the sleep timer, only to have to turn it all back on again when you're done. The "never sleep" corner will keep your screensaver from kicking in, but still won't prevent your machine from falling asleep.

What you really want is a little helper who will bump your mouse every once in a while to keep your machine alert. That's Jiggler. Use it to find documents, email addresses, preference panes, apps, bookmarks, and more. Most often they do this to your benefit. Little Snitch makes these Internet connections visible and puts you back in control! Schrier jschrier mac.

Little Snitch 3 The Best macOS Firewall!

Finally, cybersecurity smart enough for the Mac. It requires a bit capable Intel-based Mac and at least macOS I don't know about you, but I use my computer in only one human language — English. And I'm willing to bet that you do too, albeit perhaps not English. So why do you have a bunch of localization files for the operating system filling up your hard drive?

Enter Monolingual — a handy utility for reclaiming your space for more useful things… like international mp3 files, email or whatever you like. SCC makes system maintenance simple with an easy point and click interface to many macOS X functions. Novice and expert users alike will appreciate the powerful toolset SCC provides. Sierra Cache Cleaner is one of the world's leading maintenance tools with millions of downloads around the globe.

Security and Paranoia

It does so by periodically polling the S. Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology is a technology built into most modern hard disk drives that acts as an "early warning system" for pending hard disk drive problems. SMARTReporter can notify you of impending hard disk drive failures by a variety of notification options including alert boxes, on-screen notifications and email.

The current status of your hard disk drives is also always easily recognizable because SMARTReporter changes its icon optionally in the menubar from green to red if a problem occurs. SnapNDrag started off as a simple app that lets you snap a screenshot with one click and then drag the result off to Mail, Finder or any other app that accepts an image.

SnapNDrag has since matured into a powerful screenshot tool that helps you annotate, organize and share your screenshots. As we added features over time, we have made it a top priority to keep the app easy to use.

Network Software

And we think the extra thought we put into this speaks for itself. This powerful app is still as easy to use as the day it was born as a simple one-trick pony. It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals trust to protect their businesses and was named 'Best Free Antivirus for Macs' by Tom's Guide. Best of all, you can manage security settings for the whole family from any browser.

Digitize tapes and vinyl records, record live performances, create your own mixes with crossfades, tweak the levels and EQ, apply digital effects, and save in all major file formats. With Sound Studio you can record professional-sounding Podcasts and other audio dialog. Spoken word, speeches, presentations, music, and other audio can all be recorded and edited with the same high fidelity.

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Millions of people each day go to Speedtest. Now, the most accurate and convenient way to test your speed lives in your macOS menu bar. It even supports creating and copying from snapshots! You can keep your backup on its own volume, or you can even store and Smart Update it alongside your Time Machine backups. We even let you copy your Time Machine backups to other disks, so you can back them up or upgrade to a larger disk without losing your history! But of course we didn't abandon our non-High Sierra users.

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