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You can log in from multiple Macs using your Spotify account, create playlists, share music with friends and more. One of our favourite features is the innovative collaborative playlist, where your friends can add tracks over the internet for you to listen to. If you wish, you can pay to upgrade Spotify to a premium account, at which point you become ad-free. VLC is one of those apps you can turn to if QuickTime and other media-playing apps won't work with a media format you want to use.

Initially, you might wonder why you'll ever need this app, but if you ever stray beyond the bounds of the iTunes Store and download video from another online source, you're more than likely to encounter a problem — that is, it's not playing properly in iTunes or QuickTime. Converting the video with HandBrake is always an option, but, to be honest, using VLC is simply quicker. The app can handle DVD playback as well as more obscure formats that crop up from time to time. Files that are missing pieces or broken can still be played in VLC to the best of its ability and it provides a wealth of codecs to help your Mac handle all kinds of media file formats.

VLC is an application that every Mac user should have installed for when their media won't behave. The Address Book app on your Mac is great for organising contacts and syncing them to your iPhone. However, the problem is with so many contacts held, continually adding information and profile pictures can become a time-consuming task. AddressBookSync is an ingenious tool that connects to your Facebook account to pull in your friends' birthday info as well as images from their accounts into your Mac's Address Book.

This is particularly handy for iPhone users with images appearing on screen when a contact is calling.

The chances are you have an account for more than one instant messaging client. So, do you leave all of these clients open and consuming memory or do you find an all-in-one solution? If you want the latter, Adium is your app. Compatible with more IM clients than you probably knew existed, Adium combines all your accounts into one easy-to-use solution so you can keep in touch with all your contacts regardless of the service they are using.

This is the official Twitter app for Mac. It was launched at the same time as the new Mac App Store, and quickly became the most popular download there. Unlike other Twitter clients, Twitter offers a very OS X-friendly environment without skimping on the features you need to enjoy your character fix. A particularly great feature is that you can view all tweets in a conversation simply by double-clicking on the main tweet. You can also search for trending topics and use multiple accounts within the same app.

Composing a new tweet is now made far easier with the Compose window that floats outside the interface, ready for you to type your thoughts. If you want to add an image to your tweet simply drag and drop it into the new tweet window. You can select which image hosting service you use from the Preferences pane, and also which URL-shortening service the Twitter app will use. You can also get the official Twitter app for iPad and iPhone to complete your Twitter experience wherever you are in the world. Skype isn't a new service but the way it has developed over the years keeps it incredibly useful.

Top Free Music Downloads For Mac to Download Music Legally

The premise is simple, with an internet connection and a copy of the free software installed, you can talk to anyone on Skype via audio or video chat. And you can even swap files, create conference calls or simply chat via instant messaging. For an additional fee, you can add voicemail to your account and even call mobiles and landlines if you wish. Whatever you're doing in life there are things you need to remember, be they pictures, notes, websites or sounds. Evernote provides a place to store your ideas, plans and reminders. Using cloud-based storage, the Mac app syncs with your iPhone and iPad, as well as any other computer to keep your notes close to hand whenever you need them.

Unique search features allow you to dig out anything you've stored and it can even recognise handwritten docs. This app not only organises your notes, photos, screenshots and more, but you can add custom tags to make things easier to search. Have you ever had a bunch of files in a folder and then discovered you need to rename each one?

How to Download Amazon Music to Mac | TunePat

For a renaming task that comprises more than ten files or more it can become a very dull and repetitive task. And that's where r-name comes in. It's a simple, free app that allows files and folders to be dropped in and renamed in any way you require.

Ideal for photos or television series, this app will save a great deal of time. For example, it allows you to set which file system your disc will use so Windows owners can access files. An Inspector tool allows you to change settings on your disc such as file permissions, dates and the icon. Everyone talks about backing up their computer files, but how many of us are committed to doing it properly?

Carbon Copy Cloner makes it easy to back up your system but to move it to another Mac or larger hard drive without having to reinstall the OS. It even offers incremental backups, which only updates files that have changed since you last ran the software. Considering this is a free application, it's an absolute powerhouse for any Mac user who wants security for their system and flexibility for their hardware. Current page: 30 best free Mac programs. Back to School Page 1 of 2: 30 best free Mac programs 30 best free Mac programs Creative apps, system tools and more.

Boxee Online TV channels put a lot of their content online for free, but you usually have to go to their websites to find out what's available. Vuze BitTorrent clients have received a bad rap over the years for enabling users to download copyrighted material for free. Total Video Downloader also enables you to download videos in batches if desired. All that is required is for you to copy and paste the URL from your browser into the field within the software.

Then the download will begin immediately. It is said that this package is up to four times faster when compared to similar systems. Total Video Downloader for Mac is a powerful video downloader mac with ultra-fast download speed!

Where to get free music to download

What is more, this Mac video downloader lets users to get all available subtitles of the target videos. The free movie downloader for mac is not always able to download video and music mac from such huge numbers of websites. Total Video Downloader for Mac is more powerful than those free video downloader mac and users can always use it to 4X faster download YouTube videos Mac and download Vimeo videos for Mac.

In a word, Total Video Downloader for Mac is the best video downloader for mac to download streaming videos Mac. It is a very good facebook, twitter, youtube video downloader on Mac Very useful tool for me to download videos on Youtube and Vimeo..

Very useful tool for me to download videos on Youtube and Vimeo. The amazing thing is that it can get me almost every video to watch when offline. Also very easy to use and a big time-saver when downloading HD videos. Totally love it and will buy it if I need more features.

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Pros: quick and high quality. Cons: basic editing choices should be added More. What do you think about Total Video Downloader for Mac? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more.

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View full description. PROS The capability of downloading files from multiple online portals. Simple search functions to retrieve videos once the process is complete:.