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  1. Cairo Dock Is A Mac Style Dock For Ubuntu Linux
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  3. Cairo Dock Is A Mac Style Dock For Ubuntu Linux
  4. AWN vs Cairo Dock vs Docky: Mac Style Linux Docks Reviewed

You can change the background, the shape, etc. Either a custom one on the left or based on the current GTK3 theme on the right :.

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You can easily change the style from the config panel: there are more options in the advanced mode of the configuration panel of the dock and you can choose to use the global style or not for many options of different applets The default theme has also been updated in order to use a custom style with a black background, it now looks like that: These screenshots have been made with 'Default-Panel' and 'Default-Single' themes available in the Theme manager, but please remember that Cairo-Dock is fully customisable. You can easily change its look, simply have a look at the theme manager, your favourite search engine, DeviantArt , Gnome-Look , etc.

Other improvements Many other tiny improvements and bugs fixes have added to this version in order to fix some details that can help the user, e.

When adding new desktops from the Switcher applet, a special case has been added for Compiz user to add workspaces instead of desktops not the same concept and save the new settings. On Cinnamon, the dock will open more specific applications e. Applications Menu and Logout applets will wait for the end of an update of the system before displaying notifications, e.

If you try to reboot your computer during an upgrade, the dock will show you a warning. A few options have been added e. For a complete ChangeLog, please have a look to our commit messages Note that GTK 2 support has been dropped in this new release.

Cairo Dock Is A Mac Style Dock For Ubuntu Linux

It's absolutely not because BZR sucks! BZR is a great distributed version control system, easy to use and intuitive. For example, by default you commit all you changes, no need to use a "stage" or add an option. If you want to send your changes to another branch, simply add the new name when you push it. If you want to do two things in parallel, simply duplicate your folder. If you want to undo your commit, simply use the understandable uncommit command.

If you want to undo your current changes, simply use revert command by default, it will create backup files.

If you just need a snapshot of a branch and still have the possibility to be synced, there is an option to not clone the entire branch. And many other details!

Plus also all other tools to manage Ubuntu's. Of course, you can do all these stuff with Git but sometime it's not so easy and not so intuitive.

How To Install Latte Dock In KDE On Linux

For example, you can do many things with the checkout command, maybe too many things. You can have a better control of your remote repos but it's a bit more complex. You can add aliases, you can switch from a branch to another without duplicating any folder, there are a lot of options, etc. So, why did we switch? Mostly to be on Github. Not because it's Github but we hope that it will improve our visibility, we hope we will have more contributors because we're looking for new contributors, feel free to fork.

Many people are using Git, many people already have a Github account and there are a lot of documentations and tools about Git and Github. We can even use the web interface to edit file and create pull requests! Another interesting thing is that we can easily review the code on Github by adding comments linked to some lines in the code. And we can easily use other services thanks to Git's Hooks e. Note that we will only use Github to host the code and your future pull requests. But of course, if you were already using these BZR branches, you'll need to re-download them. Next, you need to locate the file you downloaded and right-click to extract it.

If you do not have this, then you can create it. The final step is to right-click on the blank space within the dock and access the Plank Preferences. Within the preferences, look for the theme, and apply your newly installed theme. What themes do you prefer? Do you like a darker environment or prefer a cleaner, brighter desktop?

Cairo Dock Is A Mac Style Dock For Ubuntu Linux

Let us know in the comments along with any other great themes you have found. Lightweight, and extremely configurable. Moreover, I find the usability of the macOS gui much worse than practically any of the leading Linux desktops after configuring them to my taste. I daresay Linux default themes are mostly ugly. IMO we have got gtk2 and gtk3 and lots of other kits for UI, so many choices and so much usability of functions these APIs offer for the theme devs and programmers that things are not as homogenous as MACOS env, that has stricter rules for developing but less customisation options, of course….

Most of these ugly themes have to do with them being so outdated… In the sense that they may still be maintained but the base code is so antique that ends up keeping the same old-looking templates somehow… Now, I reckon it is extremely important to get new themes and then try to hack the code, not so simple but that offers immense amount of power for the user….

After 9 years of using Linux, just weeks ago I got courage to choose a theme to try and customise it… I got the Arc-Dark theme as it is modern and code is super good, but colour is too dark for my displays! My best tip is to not choose old themes. Your customisations may not work the way they are expected to function, waste of time… At my first attempt, I got so frustrated there seemed no way to make all configs work together when changing a certain foo theme code… When I started reading it from the very first line, I noticed it: Made in , and then maintained and forked by and by…..

My desktop never looked as good as it does now, because I always tended to think very little of appearance and choose really old themes, usually LOL… Cheers! Ugly, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Making categorical pronouncements that these theme is old fashioned and that one is ugly and another is is crude is ludicrous.

After all, many people are in love with funereal, dark themes. You've decided to leave a comment.

AWN vs Cairo Dock vs Docky: Mac Style Linux Docks Reviewed

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How To Install Latte Dock In KDE On Linux

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