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How To Change ANY Icon On Mac Including EL Capitan

The one thing Mac owners probably take for granted is its customizability. True, Apple does impose strict rules on how the interface looks and acts, but in between all that, there are countless potential lost hours just adorning your system with new wallpaper and icons.

Interacting with OS X is largely icon-driven as it is with all graphical user interfaces and thus it tends to be bright, colorful, and a general pleasure to look at and click.

1. Start With a Brand New Wallpaper

Customizing the Dock, such as changing its appearance with the use of colors, dividers, and even themes is relatively easy with the right application. But, to actually change something like the Finder icon, you have to do some just a little work. When you browse to this folder, you need to back up one or both of these Finder icons.

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You need to drag this file to the Trash. On your Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window. The checkboxes must be selected for the main folder and deselected for the subfolder. Select List view options: Change the icon size, text size, the columns that are displayed, and more. Select Column view options: Change the text size, and whether to display icons and a preview column.