How to connect gopro 3 to mac

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Skip to the bottom of this post if you just want to know how to connect to your GoPro using an internet browser.

Connecting to MacBook Pro without USB

I figured out how to deal with this issue by first attempting to control the GoPro using the app before attempting to transfer the photos and video off of it. I have no idea why, but this worked for a while. But recently this has stopped working too. And in Image Capture or Photos for OS X you can only see the GoPro being connected for a few seconds before it disconnects, reconnects, disconnects, repeat repeat repeat.

Some ship with these issues.

GoPro App Download - TechSpot

I do not have a micro USB chip reader so I have no way to get larger files off of the GoPro with all of these crazy issues. Smaller files can still be transferred using the iOS application thankfully. Typically I try to stop and start the video recording every few minutes because I know I can only transfer smaller files to my phone. But I just let it run for a while.

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Today I cannot transfer that file to my phone using the app or computer using USB. So what other option do I have? I had no idea this was an option.

Just to be sure, I checked the manual again while writing this post. Most of the newer cameras already come with build-in wifi.

Usually you need to download and install a companion app to connect the device on your phone and download the photos to your camera roll. This solution is pretty fancy. Also here you will need to download and install a companion app to connect to the card and download the photos to your camera roll.

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The big draw back: The cards are expensive and the Wi-Fi antenna or connections can sometimes break. This is actually still my favorite solution, also when Wifi is available. It is simply the fastest option to get photos directly on your phone without any additional apps.

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And you can get any adapters for any cards and phones for reasonable prices on Amazon. For iPhone or iPad you need a lightning to e. SD adapter.

How to Copy your Videos from a GoPro to a Mac With Ease

No Problem. On Mac you can either use iCloud, photo Sharing or Airdrop to quickly transfer your photos to your phone.

When using Airdrop you have to select and copy past your photos. Android phones normally let you access their picture folder when connected.