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Sadly there are many keyboard shortcuts. Worry not though, this little widget can come in handy.

OS X restrictions settings, Profile Manager Help

It shows you all of OS X shortcuts. This one is simple and to the point. Need a password?

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Generate one with this widget, copy the password, and use it. It is that simple. Multidash is a rather interesting widget that basically brings the Spaces functionality to your Dashboard. Give it a try.

It comes packed with different beats so you can happily enjoy this little guy. There they are, a bunch of useful and powerful Dashboard widgets for you to download and install at will.

App Store (macOS)

Also, let us know what you think may happen to widgets in future iterations of the OS. Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Reference iStat Pro iStat Pro is the first on the list for a very good reason. AppUpdate As the title may suggest, App Update is a widget all about app updates. Binary Clock Binary Clock is a rather geeky way to look at the time.

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DashQuit This widget is a bit ironic, but either way, it is actually a good one. Status Face If iStat has too many numbers on it, or you just want to be amused, Status Face is a quite comical way to display your computer status info.

AdiumList Many OS X users need to keep in touch with their friends over a wide range of Instant Messenger clients, and Adium is one of the ways they do it. Dropbox Droplet If you use Dropbox, this little companion widget has the ability to upload any file and give you a URL of the public file in return.

Mail Checker The always handy mail checking widget appears in our list in the form of Mail Checker. Tumblr Widget If tumbling is your thing, look no further. Twitter Trends For those OS X users out there who enjoy the latest Twitter trends, this widget lists all current trending topics for you on your Dashboard.

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Twitter Search Want to know about something going on in the land of Twitter? Advanced Scientific Calculator If you are in need for a heavy duty calculator, this bad boy here has your back. Bitrate Pro Bitrate Pro calculates storage requirements for video capture or data rates for encoding.

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Color Converter Color Converter is a handy tool that makes it extremely easy to convert color formats. Currency Converter If you ever need to convert currency whilst on your Mac, this widget gives you an easy solution to the problem. Mortgage Calculator This widget is strictly for the home owners out there that need to calculate their mortgage.

ColorBurn ColorBurn is a rather handy widget if you are a designer in need of inspiration. QuickCommand Quick command is a small dashboard widget that grants you the ability to execute four of the most often used UNIX commands without opening a shell. Once the page is loaded, head up to the File menu and choose Open in Dashboard. A purple bar will drop down along with a re-sizable area that you can move around to fit whatever portion of the web page you want to pay attention to via a widget.

Your Mac will launch Dashboard and open the new clip in its own widget, which will then be available whether you have Safari open or not. Pretty cool, right?

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Via: OS X Daily. Cult of Mac. Widgets is currently available for pre-order. I probably press F12 over a dozen times a day.

Weather Widget

I like checking on the Weather, Stocks and other useful gadgets. While the feedback on MacRumors and 9to5Mac is mixed, plenty of people voiced their disappointment with this decision. Yet, a line of digitized speech is fairly distinct. The game was fairly tedious, as it attempts to recreate the piloting of a moon mission. My experience with OS X